Monday, February 23, 2009

The worst news

If you'd have asked any Evertonian to pick their nightmare scenario before yesterday's game I'd suspect must of them would have come up with an injury to Mikel Arteta. Put simply he's been sensational recently...awesome, inspirational, sublime you pick the superlative.

To see his knee go like that and instantly see the pain and anguish on his face was pretty harrowing for Evertonians. Arteta isn't just a great player, he's a true talisman for player and fan alike. Today our worst fears were confirmed. Knee ligaments with at least a 6 month layoff.

Forget about what this does to Everton's season (and it could well stop it dead in it;s tracks) my main thoughts centre around Mikel himself. Hope he's okay. It's so tragic to see a player at the absolute height of his power (he was sinply imperious against Villa) getting injured like that. The way he was playing a Spain call-up must have been just a matter of time.

Get well soon Mikel. Will be saying prayers to Saint Sebastian for you.

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Albert said...

Bad news for Everton. He had been the Everton's brain in the last matches and I don't think Segundo Castillo can do it as good as him.