Sunday, February 01, 2009

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BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Live text - Premier League: "1720: Mike Riley had absolutely no hesitation in bringing out the red there, but I'm sorry, it wasn't a red. No way. Lampard has a rueful smile on his face as he trudges off reulctantly.

1718: RED CARD
Massive controversy. Frank Lampard goes for a 50-50 in the centre circle with Xabi Alonso. He gets the ball and clips Alonso on the follow-through, but Mike Riley decides that's a dangerous challenge.

1716: Steven Gerrard escapes punishment despite appearing to go over the ball as he connects with Jon Mikel Obi in a 50-50 challenge. He gets a talking to instead. Lucky boy."

Plus ca change

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Blue Merchant said...

The Times lists all the players who have been sent off this season following various levels of 'interaction' with Mr Alonso. Impressive CV for the lad. Even by Riley's appalling standards, this was a cracker.