Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Andy Burnham, there's only one Andy Burnham

This is a good article about Everton supporting government minister Andy Burnham

One Andy Burnham, there's only one Andy Burnham

Three things are important in my life, apart from family. Everton FC, the Labour Party and the Catholic church - in that order. The reason I say that is, it all comes back to cultural identity.

My dad's not Catholic but my mum is. He was worried about meeting her family for the first time as religion was so important in Liverpool then. But Everton had been away at Blackburn that day and when he arrived to meet the Murray family they twigged he had been at the match and they had too, so it was all, "Come in, Roy ..."

It's very hard to spend time away from the family. Partly what rooted me was that my mum and dad were always there. I just hope the dysfunctional side of the job doesn't put my children off what I do. Whatever they do it doesn't matter, as long as they fulfil themselves as people. Although I know the family would find it easier if they came home and said they were going to vote Tory rather than that they had decided to support Liverpool ...

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