Monday, February 09, 2009

Give us a "J"

Everton 3 - 0 Bolton Wamderers

Well then...after the heroics of Wednesday night a game against Bolton Wanderers was definitely a potential banana skin. Not a chance, Everton were just calm and efficient and better than them. Jo coming on instantly gave us that extra dimension we'd been missing. They just couldn't get nears us and the main surprise was that it took us that long to take the lead. Big Chris in front of us reckoned Jo dived but the Bolton player just stuck his foot out into his path, why should he swerve his run to avoid the contact.

Whatever you tihnk of the first goal the second was outstanding. Awesome first touch and a superb finish.

We got a bit nervous after that but realistically they never got anywhere near us. Makulule(?) gave us a few problems with his physicality but that's a bout it.

In the dying seconds we got another penalty and the Gwladys Street were all demanding that it go to Tony Hibbert who's recent resurgence has been one of the highlights. Tony's never scored a goal and I think he quite fancied breaking his duck but Neville gave the ball to Jo to round off a superb debut with a second goal.

It was just the sort of calm, professional win we hardly ever see. Bolton looked poor and could end up in trouble but you fell they're more equipped to scrap out the 6 pointers than the likes of Portsmouth and Boro.

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