Monday, December 15, 2008

Harumble. What a brilliant Saturday!

So, the weekend. Has to be said it was a good'n. It started at an eerily quiet Goodison Park as Anne, myself and some mates met up for the Fighting Talk special that was coming from Goodison Park. It was, from start to finish, absolutely brilliant. Loved it. Colin Murray was a great laugh as were Bob Mills, Pat Nevin, Tim Brabants and John Aldridge.

Everyone there seemed to have a great time and if the resulting radio was a bit edgy and near the knuckle actually being there made it a whole lot more outrageous (and all the funnier for it). If they do more of them live I'd go to them all and I'd definitely recomend it to anyone.

It was Tim Brabants first time on the show and you could tell he was really nervous but he was superb. It was great to meet Sarah Ayub who's one of the cricket afficianados from Facebook.

So then fast forward to 3pm, on a Saturday....for some crazy reason some weirdo had scheduled Everton and Man City to kick-off on Saturday afternoon. Bonkers, it'll never catch on. Without a proper striker Everton were always going to struggle, still after last week's crushingly cruel defeat a reaction was vital. A 0-0 would have been brilliant so for Tim Cahill to pop up at the death and knock home a corner for the win was just fantastic. That was just what they needed and deserved after last week. Chuffed.

Man City 0-1 Everton

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