Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is coming

Brilliant article on Christmas by David Mitchell. I loved his quote on The Unbelievable Truth Christmas special about how he hates people who take their Christmas cracker hat off straight away and how he keeps his on so long that when he finally removes it it feels like it's still there.

One thing though David :

To test your suitability for this fight, consider your reaction to the phrase: "We actually had goose this year." It's not the nature of your reaction that's important, but its strength. I'm hoping for a strong one. Either: "Yes of course, goose is a much tastier meat and an older tradition. I can't believe those turkey-eating scum are suffered to live. They should be locked up in the same hell sheds where the bland objects of their culinary affection are chemically spawned." Or, and this is the one I favour: "Fuck off back to Borough Market with your talk of goose deliciousness. We're supposed to eat turkey - that's now the tradition. Stop pretending you're Victorian, drop this obsession with flavour and get defrosting a Bernard Matthews."

Goose IS loads nicer!

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