Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reading 0-2 Everton paling into insignificance

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Get in...that's a top result that. We are a good side this season but if we'd have not got three points there it could have set a worrying tone for us going into the new year.

More importantly it means that AJ has broken is drought. 12 games was a long stretch but anyone who's been watching us knows that his overall contribution has been high. Getting amongst the goals is very important though. Arteta has had a couple of injury worries but it continuing to play's great the wat he's stepped up and took responsibilty in the absence of Cahill.

Joy at Everton's win was tempered with the news that Dancing Dave Christian finally lost his fight against cancer. Dave was a rednose who went on the ToffeeWeb forum. Frequently an agent provocateur he'd mock Everton and Evertonians mercilessly occasionally crossing over the line but ultimately remaining a chap you always had tremendous affection for. The reaction on the forum was one of immediate sorrow stopping any talk of Everton's win in it's tracks and provoking an immense amount of tributes.

I bring this up as my tribute to the man...the fact that the sad news cut off all thought of our team and lead blues to post "You'll Never Walk Alone" and be truly glad that that lot across the park had won is the best way I can think of to outline what a great guy he was.

God bless you Dave, I still owe you a pint.


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