Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ah Christmas

It may be a cliche (and could possibly do with 20 minutes cutting out of it) but this is the best Christmas film there'll ever be.

Merry Christmas. Happy Nativity. God Bless.

Went to the football yesterday...bit of a dour affair but this Johnson penalty drought is getting stupid now. What does he have to do? It looked like Anichebe should have had one too (although I'be not seen a replay yet). Other than that it was pretty poor fare...we just lumped the ball into the middle time and time again and they never looked troubled. Woodgate and Pogatetz were both immense and, basically, we lacked the nouse to get past them.

The story of the game in one handy picture.

The cricket is proceding tamely towards another Australia win but not helped by our bowling plan going missing from the dressing room and being delivered immediately to the Aussie media to crow over.

Oooh look

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