Thursday, December 07, 2006

BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Porto 0-0 Arsenal

BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Porto 0-0 Arsenal

90 mins: Now Arsenal aren't even pretending to compete. Blow the whistle ref.

89 mins: Neither team has had a shot for what seems like weeks, and news filters through from Germany that Hamburg have gone 3-2 up.

88 mins: Merciful god, please let this turgid display end.

87 mins: Guess what? More largely unchallenged passing around by Arsenal. In a minute they'll give it back to Porto to do the same....repeat to fade.

86 mins: This is reminiscent of that game in the '82 World Cup when Germany and Austria colluded to keep out the Algerians. Not that I'm suggesting any funny business.

Good job Arsenal don't indulge is anti-football eh?

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