Monday, December 18, 2006


Everton were superb at the weekend...they deserved so much more. Tonnes of pride and work-rate and not completely lacking in skill. Twice we were in the lead against Chelsea and in the end they had to pull something truly special out of the locker to get the better of us.

It was so gutting when Drogba's shot hit the net.

The fans were singing and applauding at the end, the players deserved nothing less. Goodison was rocking when Yobo put us into the lead...a reminder why the place is so special. Mourinho spat his dummy out of the pram over a penalty shout from AJ. It looked pretty valid to me

Moyes put him firmly in his place by mentioning the fuss when an opposition didn't jump over a Chelsea keeper.

Waterloo held a fairly decent lead at half time at the weekend but let it get the feeling it'll take a miracle now.

England handed the ashes back to the Aussies in the shortest possible time...this really is depressing.


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Anonymous said...

Hey mate, we were superb i thought on sunday. best first half since the derby, actually we might even have topped that performance i felt. really was one of those days where you're proud to be a blue, proud of what we're all about, of our ground, our crowd and moyes and his team. mourinho may win a few trophies, but he's not a winner in any sense as a human being. i'd rather be us, bumbling along as we do, without being pathetic and ungracious like so many managers, players and clubs in general are these days. WE ARE THE FAMOUS EFC!