Thursday, April 27, 2006

Waterloo duo go

Waterloo duo go

"WATERLOO Director of Rugby Ian Aitchison and Head Coach Phil Winstanley are stepping down at the end of the season despite the team being promoted to National One.
'It has not been an easy decision to make,' Phil Winstanley explained.
'Ian has a very demanding job with the Nat West as I have with Premiership Rugby.
'We both have a lot of travelling to do and we also have young families to think about. We think it is appropriate now for us to step aside.'"

Well that's a bit of bad news but I suppose it's life in the lower leagues. All you can do is thank them for a job well done and wish them all the best in the future.

BACK ROW (Left to Right)Brian Findlay, Stuart Thomas, Paddy Young, Gareth Davies, Dan Smith and Stephen Nutt

STANDING ROW (Left to Right)Richard Baxendale, Sean Ruwers, Njike Tchakoute, Rob O'Donnell, Jon Nugent, Paul White, Martin O'Keefe, Dave Mercer, Jan Van De-Venter and Craig Aikman

FRONT ROW (Left to Right)David Giles, Chris Tyms, David Blyth, Phil Winstanley, Gill Burns, Freeman Payne, Ian Aitchison, Neil Kerfoot, Jon Broxson and Neil Hunter

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