Friday, April 07, 2006

Beat that f##cking boro and win the cup tomorrow

I thought at the time the Basel fans having that banner accross their stadium in the first leg was a touch classless...and they were playing against a team who's fans are some of the most classless around...who did I want to lose least.

In fairness last week Basel were great and did everything right apart from going in serch of a third goal in their home leg. Boro's supporters actually turned up last night (24,521) as opposed to ringing the ticket office and asking what channel the game is on.

Now we all know what a tremendous comeback it was...3-0 down including an away goal. 60 odd minutes to get 4 goals...subs coming off the bench to hit 30 yard screamers, out of favour strikers popping up with a 91st minute winnner...amazing drama. All I could think about it that tune ('Pappa needs a brand new Pig bag' apparently) they play for the fans after each goal. It makes me never want to see them score a goal ever again. It's just so embarressing they way they all just wait until the DJ fires up the tune allowing them to clap sing along to it (it being an instrumental), I think it's a personal thing but I just find it appalling.

It actually makes me want to never see their team score a goal again. The same goes for Bolton ('Amarillo' & 'I feel good'), Wigan ('Tom Hark'), Norwich ('Samba De Janiero') etc etc. I mean when things are flat and the team need the fans to give them a lift I can almost understand things like the Sheffield Wed band attempting to get people going but after the team have scored? Surely you don't need prompting. I hate the way the fans decide to behave like trained seals at the moment when they should be swept away in the joy of the moment. That "Easy, Easy" thing annoys me too.

Anyway that's my impressions from last night...fabulous, gripping, dramatic, monumental comeback (arguably more impressive than the rednoses last year) and all I can worry about is that awful tune.

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