Friday, April 28, 2006

Lightning strikes twice.... plays a stupid annoying tune whenever it does!

M'brough 4-2 S B'chrst (agg 4-3)

Unbelievable stuff...Boro where in total disarray and needed 4 goals...sounds familiar. Drama all the way. Steaua just retreated further and further and got more and more panicky and you just knew what would happen. Maccarone 89th minute and they're into the final.

I hope that season ticket chucker feels like the biggest tit on the face of the planet now and I hope of of the fans who turned up to the games against Litex Lovec & Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk are sneering at their 34,998 new mates.

It's okay though 'cause they won't have that tw@tty song playing if they score in Eindhoven so I can actually want them to win without caveats. It must be fairly unusual in football to want a team to win purely 'cause their chairman is a good bloke.

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