Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dig for ancient pyramid in Bosnia

Dig for ancient pyramid in Bosnia

Now that's interesting.

The games at the weekend came and went...they were two tough fixtures for the blues, the two teams that are pushing hardest for thier placings at the moment. On Saturday we played okay against Spurs. Better, I'd say, than against Villa but Beattie just didn't get into the game. Gardner and King battered him everywhere ever time the ball went near him and the ref did nothing all game. Osman didn't show either. We were blunt but ultimately not that bad considering the opposition. I know I've been accusing them of end-of-term syundrome but this weekend I wouldn't really criticise. One player who does deserve to take a bow is Richard Wright...much maligned chap but against Spurs made at least 3 great saves including one truly world class one after Naysmith had *ahem* under cooked an defensive header (that's the most polite thing I can say about it). It was a fabulous save but it just loses out to Big Nige's wonder save away at Villareal as save of the season.

Anyway I moan and grumble but thank God we aren't down there in the dogfight...It's truly soul destroying : Hoping and Praying for each and every point, living on your nerves as each fragile second passes, having to do the same for all your rival's games....grim. Last night's game at the Hawthornes sounded truly dire but those wasted half chances will have gutted those Baggies fans. The BBC gave the score and said that 0-0 was a flattering scoreline for a game like this. Anne commented that Bolton could have just walked off the field and it would have still ended all square.

Anyway enough footy...had a decent easter. Usual stuff. lots of Mass followed by lots of DIY & gardening. In the past when I've given up sweets Anne has got me lots of chocolate, when I gave up crisps I got lots of Sensations and this year after 6 weeks of not swearing I got some Castlemaine XXXX...made me laugh anyway.

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