Thursday, September 08, 2011

Join the Labour Party

Through the miracle of Blogger scheduling at the time this post is published I will be out campaigning for the Labour Party. I do not claim to be Mr Socialism, I am not out every night, I don't know the words to The Internationale, I've only been a member for 18 thing I do know is that I am absolutely loving it.

By no means are Labour perfect, there are lots in our recent history we should be regretfull about but there is also tonnes we should be massively proud of. Just 'cause the media have it in for New Labour doesn't mean we should be ashamed to shout about the acheivement. Being from a working class family in Liverpool throws the political spectrum into sharp relief and we only have to think back to the 80s as a portant of what the Tories are trying to achieve this time round. Think back to the way school and hospitals were then and look around now. Are Labour guilty of just not being perfect? Personally I think we seem frightened to stand by our record and the things New Labour put in place, fair enough there were mess-ups and things we got wrong but so far this Coalition is just a littany of broken promises and misery from a team of empty vessels. Any objection people raise to their policies is blithely dismissed and mocked, it's be easy to stomach if they actually had a mandate!

In my time in the party it's been brilliant. My Constituency Labour Party has been welcoming and full of great's been a pleasure to work with them and the outstanding victories in the May council elections were a privelige to be part of. I am not saying all local Labour parties are all like this but you really should give it a go. Be part of the fightback.

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