Thursday, September 08, 2011

Never trust a Lib Dem

So after making a big show about forcing a "Listening Exercise" over Lansley's NHS Reform bill the Lib Dems meekly voted for the reforms in the same way they voted for them in the first place.

So now pandora's box is open and the NHS is all about competition...The private sector can swoop in on the profitable areas whilst leaving the scraps to the NHS in the same way the vultures jumped on the profitable areas of the Post Office's business.

It couldn't have happened without Nick Clegg and your friendly neighbourhood Lib Dems...we should never let them forget it. You expect the Tories to bow down to their business friends and allow them to feather their nests with public money. Profit is all they ever care about...The Lib Dems however have enabled all these wretched policies to get voted in.

The NHS reforms were in no-one's manifesto. Cameron expressly promised he wouldn't impose top down NHS reforms and yet here we are. Cameron is a arrogant liar whilst Clegg is a vile little quisling. It's a tricky call on what's worse.

Nye Bevan said the NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it. The storm of dismay and derision proves there is folk left....Personally I'd love to see it start at the Lib Dem conference but I very much doubt it

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