Monday, September 05, 2011

There's nobody better than Mikel Arteta

Bit delayed in getting round to doing this because we feeling pretty low on Wednesday & Thursday then busy over the weekend. What a rotten way to lose a player, so many flashbacks to Rooney and Lescott's departures. It makes you appreciate the fact that Everton don't get cherry picked all that often now. So who do we blame, we it's so disappointing to have Mikel force the move through but let's face it the club accepted the bid and allowed Arsenal to speak to him. The chance of Champions League footy was just too much of a draw for a player of his age and of his quality. Even so Evertonians are pretty gutted to lose him. You can be pragmatic and point to his advancing years or his ups and downs in form but at the end of the day it just shouldn't have ended like that. Watching the minutes tick and away waiting for the news to come through was pretty miserable and if I blame anyone I blame Wenger...the pompous, stubborn fool sat there all summer insisting he didn't need to buy and then when his team got utterly found out he came panic buying. Every schoolkid in the country knew Arsenal lacked steel and experience, it's been like that for years and yet he takes his team into the season woefully short of both and it Everton who'll suffer. Anyway we now have Denis and Royston to muse over. They might turn out to be world beaters but whatever happens we'll miss our Mikel.

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Tony Lloyd said...

Two words:

Franny Jeffers

Or to add to that:


Then my mind goes blank. But, other than Rooney, there's a tendency for leaving Everton to be the start of the decline.

Arteta hurt, Yak didn't, I'll trust Moyse on Beckford. Two in, if they're as good as some of our other cheapies then we're not in that bad shape.

I'm now going to have a lie down, exhausted from the effort of seeing the bright side.