Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What is the Lib Dem Party Song?

I know Labour have The Red Flag and The Internationale and I presume the Tories have The Eton Boating Song and Carmen Etonense but what song do the Liberal Democrats have...they sing The Land but how about this for the official Lib Dem Party song :

The Lib-Dem flag is palid yellow
all limp and bland like Marti Pellow
Cleggies dreams come to fruition
for now he's in the coalition

Then raise the yellow standard low,
But don't believe our manifesto
Though Kennedy moans and Cable tuts
We'll back the Tory spending cuts

So Nick and Dave looked very pleased
and then put up tuition fees
The EMA and forests next
and then destroyed the NHS

Then raise our tax and V.A.T.
and sabotage our economy
But Quisling Clegg just doesn't hear
He only cares for his career

More verses welcome

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