Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't buy the Sun

Was looking forward to the manchester United - Crawley Town match all day...everyone loves an underdog FA Cup performance after all. Any semblence of anticipation was stymied in a moment when I saw who Crawley's sponsors were.

A fairly impressive marketing coup as far as the rest of the country were concerned but on Merseyside we instantly plunged into turmoil....Do we support United against a non-league club because of THAT logo.

The answer for me is yes. Totally irrational and pavlovian I know but there you have it. The rest of Liverpool felt the same (as far as I can tell). I checked twitter and #dontbuythesun is one of the top trending topics. Well done folks, Scousers should NEVER forget that vile rag twisting the knife out of pure spite.

Am so proud that you still are more likely to see USA Today being read on Merseyside than the country's most popular daily newspaper

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Sean Skipton said...

Saw the game on TV and it did make me wonder : what happens if you're a professional footballer and your team suddenly acquires a sponsor that you disapprove of? I mean, really disapprove? Do you refuse to wear the shirt? And end up getting transfer listed? I guess it's written into your contract that you agree to wear the team shirt whoever the sponsor, but where do you draw the line? (Crawley were unlucky, by the way - I though the game was pretty even.)