Sunday, February 06, 2011

Everton v Blackpool....bonkers

You might have noticed the as well as a general decline in the number of posts on here the number of posts reporting on Everton & Waterloo has gone down too.

Both having pretty wretched seasons really. Everton just can't get going and Waterloo are struggling desperately to find a stable level.

Yesterday though we had Everton scoring 5 in a ridiculous roller-coaster of a game and Waterloo scoring 5 tries for two good wins.

Felt totally drained after the Everton game, angry at one all (because of the quite ridiculous refereeing decision not to allow advantage as we broke into the box to score), utter deflation at 2-3 and surreal joy as we finally kicked clear of Blackpool who it needs to be said are a proper exhilerating attacking footballing side.

Thank God for King Louis.

Waterloo are finally out of the relegation zone. That is brilliant news but Middlesborough have two games in hand. Interestingly enough despite being 4th from bottom Waterloo have the most bonus points in the league. It shows how close to being a comfortably mid-table team we are at the moment.

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