Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Puma African Unity football shirt

Not sure if they are wearing this at the world cup but I do think this was a good idea

"To celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Puma have teamed up with nine African football federations to launch the African Unity kit – a revolutionary sporting concept designed to promote harmony across the great continent. Worn by every Puma sponsored African nation, the African Unity shirt comes complete with the crests for selected federations enabling you to iron on the nation of your choice at home. From the vibrant blue of the awesome African sky to the deep brown of the scorched, yet fertile African earth and finally to the yellow of the fiery Africa sun, the Unity shirt represents not only cultural similarities but geographic ones too. Indeed, the bespoke colour, ‘PUMA Africa’, was created by combining actual soil samples from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, South Africa and Cameroon to identify a shade of brown that is truly representative of the earth beneath Africa’s feet.
First revealed as a part of the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity campaign - a scheme designed to highlight the importance of preserving areas dense with unique plant and animal life – the Africa Unity shirt is a potent symbol of the continent that is home to nine of the richest and most important sites of biodiversity on earth. The people of Africa received their first sporting glimpse of the shirt at the Orange African Cup of Nations 2010 when the victorious Egypt team wore the Africa Unity kit to collect their seventh competition trophy in front of 50,000 fans in Luanda, Angola. When the nine Puma Africa teams step out in their matching Unity strips at South Africa 2010, they will not only be representing their respective nations, but also their home continent itself. Africa Unity is about more than just sharing sporting success - it’s about sharing culture, language and understanding – everything necessary to invigorate the African spirit and help push the continent forward, in unity, towards a more prosperous and peaceful future."

Puma African Unity shirt

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