Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Evil underdogs

Last night was really tricky, one the one hand you have a team renowned for wonderful football, however that team is currently playing a lot more pragmatic & defensively. On the other hand you have a plucky underdog however one hailing from the world’s most nasty, backward oppressive dictatorships.


In truth North Korea were really good, extremely diligent and kept pressing and harrying all game, it was undeniably a great moment when they got their goal.


Brazil 2 -1 North Korea


There was lots of outrageous scare stories about how the North Korean fans were paid actors, how the game wasn’t going to be shown back in North Korea etc but at the end of the a football match it was just nice to see an emerging nation giving a great account of themselves.


PS There is no way that Brazilian player meant that first goal.


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