Friday, June 11, 2010

Let unworthy blood water our furrows

It's here at last. World Cup 2010. Love world cups sooooo much. It's basically just a planet-wide festival of football. Will try to post as many reviews as possible.

Obviously being in work this afternoon I didn't catch the opening ceremony but thankfully our lovely, lovely wonderful bosses let us watch it via a projector shining onto on the office wall.

So here we go (here we go, here we go) :

South Africa :
Did okay, all enthusiasm, vim and vigour. Steven Pienaar looked very bright. In truth they should have won it at the death but ultimately they were second best for most of the game.

Mexico :
They looked pretty good actually...very well balanced in midfield. They lack a cutting edge but are a pretty good side. Pretty under-rated overall.

France :
Argh, what to say about Les Bleus. They are so talented but ultimately lacking in a plan. Raymond Domenech struck me as a scapegoat before the tournament but it's difficult to argue against the way he let that game drift. He seemed happy to let his team just dash itself on the rocks.

Uruguay :
Possibly the team who can be the most pleased with the opening day. Well organised, disciplined, energetic, brave and looked at least as likely to win it until they had their man sent off.

and finally.....

The referees, they've been brilliant so far....long may it continue

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