Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victor Anichebe arrested for looking in a jewelry shop window

Has to be said that does smell of police racism, can't imagine I'd have been questioned for just window shopping.

"Is it 'cause I is blue?"

Victor Anichebe targeted by police

Premier League striker Victor Anichebe was challenged by police looking for a gang of robbers, as he looked in a jeweller's window with a friend.

The innocent Everton player, who was wearing a leg cast after surgery, is now demanding an apology.

Cheshire police said they acted because there had been a series of violent robberies in the area.

During a "heated dialogue" between the two men and officers in Knutsford, Anichebe's friend was handcuffed.

Everton FC spokesman Ian Ross said: "Victor was deeply upset and very distressed by the incident.

"I believe he is still waiting for a full and unreserved apology from the police involved.

"Once he has received that both the club and the player will consider the matter closed."

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