Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuey's place of the day : The Inca Trail

Not a great weekend of sport (although England played well enough), I suspected a result like that was due after a few weeks were the signs were there that was are on the ragged edge. Two defeats in 19 though...absolutely staggering considering our injury record.

Anyway here is my place of the day :

The Inca Trail, The Andes, Peru

It's the pass AFTER Dead Woman's Pass on The Inca Trail. You do a really sharp climb up from the second camp site and there is it, it is literally like being on the top of the world, all those mountains and clouds stretching off into the distance. If you look carefully there is some snow capped mountains pointing out of the cloud in the far, far distance. Stunning. God knows how many miles they must have been from where I was standing. Truly amazing if knackering hike.

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Rachel Simmonite said...

Beautiful photo, Stuart!