Monday, March 16, 2009

tick tick tick ticket news

Well Everton did well to edge past Stoke at the weekend, we were cruising in the first half and Stoke look awful but Everton being Everton still managed to contrive to give us a nervous afternoon. Stoke scored early in the second half after Cahill has gone off with the strain.

That left the new braided Fellaini attempting to do the disrupting in midfield and he just isn't that sort of player. As a consequence we were living on our nerves until the 90th minute when The Player Formerly Known as The Divine Afro made the game safe.

So now we are just waiting for semi-final ticket hard can it be, we have the same number of tickets as Utd and less season ticket holders but they've finalised their arrangements whilst we are still in the dark. They don't need to actually sell them, just tell us where we stand. Surely season ticket holders should get one. Hope so.

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