Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moving swiftly on

There are two possible mitigating reasons for not posting anything since the weekend.

The first being I've recently changed jobs and so whilst I am no longer trundled nose-to-tail along the M56 every morning to Manchester I am massively busy trying to learn the ropes at my new place. The new place is Hit Search Limited who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click internet advertising (do you see what I did there?!?!). As far as I can tell so far my job is to sit in the corner and look bewildered ;). Many thanks to Andy Redfern & Andy Donaldson (You see! How confusing is that?) for being patient with me. Anyway bottom line is having a busy but fun time at Hitsearch and I'm really enjoying driving 14 miles a day instead of 75.

No-one at my new company can tell me the name of this fellow though :

Hit Search's Corporate chameleon logo

The other reason is that I've only just woken up from my Everton induced coma after the Reading game at the weekend. Poor was the politest word I heard used to describe it. Both teams STUNK! Not a lot else to say really...With Yak going AWOL before the game it left us a bit toothless. AJ worked himself into the ground but there has to be someone to pass to. Arteta and Cahill both had bad games and Fernandes is still finding his feet.

Thank God for Jagielka who had a great game whilst all around him looked lost!

Reading are in a false position I'd say...they looked tidy and businesslike. You'd struggle to tell who was 4th and who was 4th from bottom. A cutting edge is all they need. After the weekend the relegation battle is looking pretty messy. Sunderland won but Wigan looked decent...Reading look decent every week but lose, Derby (obviously) & Fulham look in trouble but apart from that it's tricky...unless you look further up and see Newcastle floundering....but surely that can't happen.

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