Monday, February 04, 2008

Dazed and confused

Two things today :

Lewis Hamilton subject to racist abuse by Spanish fans

What on earth is all that about....if it wasn't so offsensive it's almost funny it's that petty & pathetic. Utterly horrible.


To his credit Hamilton came out with a nice statement about the whole thing :

"The truth is I feel somewhat sad," he said. "I love this country, especially the city of Barcelona. The people in Spain have always been very warm."

Further backing up the general consensus that as well as being a superstar he's a really nice bloke too.

Benjani deal will go through

This is puzzling too, don't see how they can get that transfer through. You either meet the deadline or you don't. The waters wer eespecially muddied by City saying they felt pressured and bullied by Portsmouth and Benjani waiting until the last possible moment to turn up and get the deal done. I wonder if this is some good old fashioned Harry Redknapp wheeling and dealing.

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