Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take a bow Chasetown and Oldham

Exclusive: Chasetown teamtalk from FA Cup draw with Port Vale

Chalie Blakemore

In the aftermath of our ignaminious FA Cup exit I thought I'd point you towards Chasetown FC who were the lowest ranked side in history to reach the 3rd round. Their manager Charlie Blakemore is like Winston Churchill. These are amateurs taking on professionals....and they won. You get a lot of smug inverted snobbery from rugby fans about the corinthian nature of their sport and the cynical nature of "diveball" or "poofball" or whatever they want to call it...but whilst the Guinness Premiership aristocrats are busy ringfencing and looking after number 1 football is still, for all it's faults, a meritocracy. This is 3rd round day....Our ground was packed to the rafters. my club got dumped out by a team in the doldrums of the league two division below us. Raise a glass.

Although I have to say..............M-People really were CACK.

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