Thursday, January 03, 2008

AJ is A-Star

A-Star is the brainchild of Fitz Hall, Andy Johnson, Ken Bonsu and Ronnie Wilson, and was set up with the aim of encouraging young people to express themselves in a positive manner and to make it possible to be around role models who do not glamorize crime, guns or drugs. With the death rate among teenagers increasing Fitz and Ken wanted to do something.

So the name A-Star was chosen (A-Star=every child is a star) which fits in with the government initiative “Every child matters”

With those core beliefs in mind and heart. The guys set up a unique company that hopes to offer real opportunities for young people with a wide ranging choice of activities to participate in and hopefully gain employment in a chosen field.


The mystery of the "A" goal celebration is solved! Top stuff, hats off to all involved.

AJ doing his A-Star scoring celebration

James 'Henrik' Vaughan scoring in the 90th minute against Birmingham

ex-Everton star Marcus Bent against Blackburn

Titus Bramble celebrating scoring against liverpool

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