Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More dirty laundry

Flintoff drunk during Ashes practice

"Former England coach Duncan Fletcher has said a training session was cancelled because Andrew Flintoff was under the influence of alcohol.

The incident happened during last winter's Ashes tour to Australia where Flintoff was captain.

Fletcher told the Daily Mail: "You just hope the players do not let you down. Sadly Flintoff did.

'We arranged a fielding practice in Sydney. He turned up still under the influence of alcohol.'"

Whilst yesterday I said you should never do you dirty washing public this probably did need to come out...Pretty appalling really.

Botham & Boycott are a pair of pests

Fletcher rounds on pundits

This seems a touch un-necessary....any chance of any dignity in sport. I know you've all got books to flog and everything but come on.

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