Sunday, October 21, 2007

icLiverpool - Time for Big Ben to strike again

icLiverpool - Time for Big Ben to strike again

Great article about Big Ben Kay :

"Kay was popular on the pitch but the seat next to him on the coach home from away matches was the one all Waterloo players dreaded.

Blyth revealed: “We would always get crates of beer on board for the long journeys back.

“We had a bit of a ritual where whoever had missed a tackle or done something wrong during the game would be singled out.

“They would then have their wrists taped to Ben's wrist as their punishment.

“It meant that whenever Ben had a drink the victim didn't have much choice but to have a swig as well. With Ben being a big lad and being able to handle his beer it would be fair to say that sometimes it got very messy.”"

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