Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lightning strikes twice

Too gutted to write about the derby...."robbed", "cheat", "corrupt" & "pathetic" would all have been used though. Mark Clattenberg hang your head in shame.

The world cup final was similarly gutting...having been on a post-derby all-dayer we got to Waterloo about 6:30 and found it already filling up. The others got there about 7 and we settled in a lovely spot for the game pepped up by a fundamentally welcome plate of curry. Noticed Freeman Payne and Jan van deVenter in the bar so the Saffas were represented too. The game was pretty tight and ultimately the better team won. Congrats to South Africa....England played above themselves and stayed with their more talented opponents....that was all we could hope for, by the end we were out of touch. We were never going to turn round and put on a try-fest to get back in the game and so the spoils headed south. The try might have changed things plus a fair few other decisions all went against England some marginal, some utterly blatant. With a different referee we might have been within a score at the end and then who knows.

Gutted, gutted, gutted.

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