Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Poznan Celebration or attention seeking superfan knobbery

So Everton 2 - 1 Man City and our hoodoo over the billionaire mercenaries continues...Extremely gratifying given it was Lescott's first return to Goodison.

Also gratifying given how much I detest the faux-zany superfan-wannabe scoring celebration that is "The Poznan". Honestly, what is that all about? I do know that going the game is meant to be fun...but your team has just scored a goal, why turn around and jump up and down looking at the arse of the person on the row above. It's the match not a performance art exhibit.

I am just not impressed with all this co-ordination. Why do modern fans have an obsession with it. Music after a goal, all holding scraves up at once, flags, murals....what's wrong with just going to the game and enjoying the football. The trained seal routine just does not do it for me at all.

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