Thursday, May 19, 2011

Europa League Final zzzzz

Really dissappointed with the Europa League final last night...usually they are great games but last nights final in the ridiculously lob-sided Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road for the corporately challenged amongst us) was a sifled, scrppy stultified affair.

Braga looked more afraid of losing than being desperate to win and Porto seemed to come down to their level. The game was illuminated by one piece of brilliance from Falcao although in truth Braga received at least one glorious chance to score themselves and really should have took their chance.

In the end it looked like one of those games where both teams had about 14 players on the pitch. Never room to move, no space to run into.

The Football League play-offs, on the other hand, have been excellent value with the games in Swansea, Cardiff & Huddersfield all showing exactly what a football match should look like.

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