Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hard work only beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

First of all I am not being churlish about Reading, they deserved to be Everton last night. I along with 1000s of other Evertonians waited until the Everton players had left the field and waited for the Reading players to finish celebrating & start walking back across the pitch solely so we can applaud them. It was actually a nice moment but it briefly masked a massive anger and a huge disappointment over a big opportunity lost for the blues.


Everton just never got going and Reading, from the off, were all over Everton. There was a good period in the first half were we kept the ball for about 15 minutes and you sensed that Reading were clinging by their fingernails but once they’d stabilised and scored they never looked back.


Dumped out of the cup by a lower league team with a plumb quarter final tie beckoning. Win last night and we were 90 minutes from Wembley and everyone who went last time remembers how fantastic a-day that was.


Aside from Osman and maybe Beckford they just didn’t look like they knew how to apply themselves. Players who have been brilliant all season getting taken to the cleaners by opposition they, let’s face it, should beat comfortably.


They never imposed themselves or set a the game went through 80-90 minutes and into injury time Everton never looked like building a head of the steam and laying siege. All credit to Reading...we all knew they deserved to go through, just gutted at the last ray of light in this miserable abomination of a season being snuffed out.

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