Friday, March 04, 2011

By-Election : Oldham and now Barnsley send the coalition a message

So now the Lib Dems have been beaten back into 6th place in the Barnsley Central by-election. This is after the Lib Dem vote was blatantly propped up by Cameron virtually ordering tactical voting (and causing the Tory vote to collapse there).


It is now up to Clegg and Cameron to take heed of the message. People aren’t happy with this ideological dismantling of the welfare state. There is a huge amount of saving that has to be found but just destroying the services people rely on (EMA, Surestart, Schools for Future) is just not fair.


The mantra about Labour’s spending is wearing very thin.

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Sean Skipton said...

I wonder how Nick Clegg would fare in a lie detector test. His response to this defeat was another indication that he seems to live on another planet. "We'll bounce back," he said, apparently unaware of the impact of his exceptional ability to break electoral promises.