Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're on the march with Moysie's army...We're all going to Wem-ber-lee

So, The People's Club has come through for us. The wife has got a ticket and so have a lot of the people in the supporters clubs. Some people are still disgruntled and there are some anomalies for example half season ticket holders with 3 extra games get a ticket whilst non-season ticket holders who've been to every game having to go into a ballot.

In truth whilst the allocation is so small there is always going to be problems like this. I genuinely believe that no club our size could have done it any better (the club even gave nothing to it's own shareholders unless they met the season ticket plus extra games criteria).

Rumours abound that the club managed to liberate a load of tickets from a touting network and re-distributed them to supporters clubs and season ticket holders.

Anyway, the fact is that we are on the march. We're all going to or lose Everton have done their fans proud this season.

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Blue Merchant said...

Great news you've all got tickets. Now for the easy bit - just beat Chelsea.