Monday, April 28, 2008

The unstoppable forces takes on the spent force?

Well not quite...most of us trooped out of Goodison pretty miserable on Sunday. We'd twice been ahead only to be pegged back. Instead of 6 points with a much superior goal difference we were a mere 3 points ahead of the Villa with tougher games to play.

That was certainly a glass half empty attitude. Everton had looked dead and buried in recent weeks, the pundits were saying we'd hit the wall. Villa on the other hand were in stunning form having scored 15 goals in their last three games. I reckon any Evertonian would have taken a point before kick-off. I have to admit I didn't think Everton had that in them. It's just a shame that their performance didn't quite carry them over the line. If Villa beat us at the line then so bet's worth bearing in mind that they've played about 15 games less than us this season. Yes that's the price of success but the facts remain. It's also worth bearing in mind that in any other year Everton would be enjoying an end-of-season cruise already guaranteed a UEFA place from an unused cup slot. It was a day of what ifs but at the end of it Everton are now almost certain to be playing European football again next year. Portsmouth haven't applied for the Intertoto so for Everton to come away empty handed Pompey would have to win their next two games then lose the FA Cup final with Villa also slip past Everton. Some blues seem to lament the end of season's very dissappointing but we shouldn't let it sour what's been a brilliant, brilliant season.

On Saturday we popped along to the last game of the Waterloo season....this was always going to be a toughie against Otley, a team who needed to win to be crowned champions. It proved a fairly easy win for the Yorkshire side but Waterloo played pretty well and pushed them all the way for their win. When you consider that Otley finised hust ahead of Manchester, a team Waterloo did the double over you perhaps get a sense of the topsy-turvy season 'loo have had.

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