Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leeds United resold to Ken Bates

BBC NEWS | Business | Leeds United resold to Ken Bates

Disgusting really...they've allowed him to get away with it again. How can they chose him over the rival bid? It just seems nonsensical. Very shady.

Just as bad is this whole Tevez thing.

FA getting involved with a transfer/contract that was supposedly all above board

Blades not giving up without a fight

If I were a Sheffield Utd fan I'd still be trembling with rage. It's SO obvious West Ham don't own him & never did. His agent is now trying to get his contract scrapped so he get the transfer fee from Utd. How can anyone draw any other can the powers-that-be let West Ham get away with it when the whole thing is so blatant and was basically common knowledge from the moment they 'signed' (Journalists were asking questions about who owned the two players from the word go).

One hand washes the other in football. If you are in with the in crowd no-one can touch you. The rest of us just look on with dismay. They wonder why fans are getting wary of stumping up the £500 a year to be associated with such a grubby, money obsessed game.

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