Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Travels and returns

My bro got back from his year a-backapacking at the weekend...nice to have him back safe and sound altohugh I feel sorry for him 'cause I remember how much fun it was whilst travelling.

If I won the lottery I'd do that for the rest of my was so much fun, utterly carefree and above all unbelievably interesting.

He's currently lording it over us 'cause he went to 19 countries to our's great having him back 'cause there's been no-one to argue/debate with whilst he's been away...we have it down to a fine art. I figure I have the better of him on this 'cause we went to India on our trip (which was a totally different world) and he bottled out of it...also we got to go Rarotonga which truly was paradise. He makes some very good pionts about going to see Machu Pichu and the Nazca lines and getting all the way down to Tiera del Fuego....the debate will run and run.


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