Thursday, September 08, 2005

There goes nothing....Here goes nothing

Good God last night was crippling...England got beaten off the park by Northern Ireland! Ultster!! ULSTER!!! and not even all of Ulster!!!!!! God knows how bad it would have been if they'd have had Counties Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal too! We were clueless from start to finish. There was no will to win from England, no pride...they had it in spades, they out-worked us and smothered from the first whistle to the last...for them it was simply a matter of taking their chance when it came.

Something rotten in the England football camp...

The England cricket camp has a big problem going into the deciding of best bowlers is out, he had the choice of going like-for-like and slotting James Anderson into the side or augmenting the batting line-up with solid all-rounder Paul Collingwood. Both decisions have their merits but in the end we went with the latter.

30 minutes from now it all begins....COME ON ENGLAND.

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