Thursday, August 25, 2005


Everton Football Club

Last night I was too gutted for words...the travelling Evertonians sat in all four sides of the ground kept singing their hearts out as the bare bones of our squad took the field against one of the most highly rated teams in this stage of the competition. They gave everything but just came up short.

It was almost very different...we had two great chances, a ridiculous goal line scramble that just wouldn't go in and one perfectly good goal disallowed. Collina who for many years has been the shining example for referees heeded the Villarreal players pre-match whingeing and picked us up for everything. When it came to the crunch he seemed to have decided there was going to be a foul before the ball was even delivered into the box and as Big Duncan wheeled away in celebration our lifeline into extra time (let's not forget it was only a goal to square the tie) was chalked off.

The night took us through all the emotions but eventually when the dust settled and everything else had ebbed it was pride that was left. The People's Club will abide and prevail and Alan Green can eat his words. We took a superb team all the way. Let's make no bones about it Villarreal are ace, at times they ran rings around us (hats of to Nigel Martyn, beaten by a jemmy deflection for their goal. One finger-tip save in particular was astounding) but we stepped up and at the final whistle you could see how relieved they were.

COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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