Thursday, August 18, 2005

FAO Alan "foams at the mouth" Green


Oh dear Alan....Everton seem to have upset you by not knowing their place...still I'd have thought a real footy fan like you would have been able to come up with something less childish than exagerations, half truthes and thinly veiled personal criticism.

I'd keep your bitter little no-mark opinions to yourself you fat self-important arsehole.

It's all very well lamenting the fact that the Premiership is uncompetitive but when a team tries to break the stranglehold you see it as your job to mock, sneer and criticise.

Well tough shit...we are going commemorate last season's achievments and of course we are going be proud of being the best team on Merseyside. We were the team everyone thought was going down but instead we put the rich kids in the shade.

Have some respect....or just continue to be a small little no-mark.

"I'll never forgive Everton for finish above liverpool last year"


Dermot & Cliona said...

Exactly, green is full of shit, what a biased kopite C*%t

Come on you blue boys!!!!!

Stuey said...

Anyway even if his rants were true Everton can improve. One suspects he'll always be an ugly, fat, arrogant prick.