Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Analytics problems and bugs

Unusual for me to go about techy things but the current version of Google Analytics just isn’t fit for purpose. Things that took 2 minutes in the previous version take 20 now or are basically impossible.


Here is a screen-shot of me viewing segment data from a couple of years ago :


Note the numbers, 2500 rising to 4000…brilliant, let’s get that into a spreadsheet



Oh, great…Why can I see the correct numbers on the screen but not export it?


Also why on earth did they change the format of the data export for more than one segment? Instead of the old columned format



You get this :


Make a graph out of that if you can.


This sort of thing is typical. Have been onto their support people but to no avail…I know it is free so I shouldn’t complain but the old version was great. This version makes a big thing about gimmicks like “real time” tracking but is that really useful to a webmaster?


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