Thursday, February 21, 2013

Horsemeat? So what? Meat we know nothing about? PROBLEM

Please, please, please stop talking about is the fact that the meat is un-certified that is the problem. The standards of journalism over this story have been shocking.

The fact is this is powdered horse protein added to the meals to bulk them up. The protein shouldn't be there and so there is no traceability on it. Horse meat needs to be traceable because vets regularly use drugs that are harmful to humans during the horse's working life, before a horse can go into our food it needs to be certified free of these chemicals.

The scandal here is that the certification process across Europe has broken down allowing suppliers to cut corners on these cheap, blackmarket meat sources.

It's funny how the media bleat on about "red tape" until something like this occurs and shows what always happens once you bring in light-touch contrals and trust the private sector to self-regulate.

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