Sunday, July 22, 2012

Greek style columns unearthed on Camp Hill, Woolton, Liverpool?

Anyone know anything about this? We happened upon a newly uncovered site whilst walking back from The Victoria. Does this mean we've been walking past these antiquities for years and never knowing they were there in the overgrown undergrowth?


Anonymous said...

Apparently they're from 'The Custom House' which was bombed in the's a link

Anonymous said...

Difficult to see where in the Custom House these belonged.
These column sections are approx. 3' diameter, and 6' long. All the photos of the Custom House show much wider diameter columns (compare the size of the men at the base), and as far as the photos go, there are none which show fluted columns, as the Camp Hill ones are.
If they were made as classical columns, then the height:diameter should be ca 7-9. An approximate height would thus be 24', ie four of these sections per column.