Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stevie P, oh Stevie P. Oh Stevie P Oh Stevie P

Can't tell you proud I am of Everton today. A supposed top 4 side and we took them to the cleaners. Denis, who we all know is a limited footballer, caused MAYHEM against their weird, lopsided 3-5-2 formation with Cole as a left winger and Luis as a left half.

Everton by comparison knew what they were about from the off, set the tempo and got in amongst them at every turn........the only question remains were the f*ck has that Everton been pre-Christmas....we look so accomplished at the moment. The confidence running throughout the side is like a short in the arm to players like Denis and Donovan. A joy to behold. Went to the game with my Dad today. Pints before in the Black Horse before and after.....days don't get better

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