Thursday, January 05, 2012

Why no Everton blog posts

You'll notice that the sports updates on here have been few and far between...haven't been making it to the match much recently for one reason or another and to be honest there's just nothing to inspire a post. The premiership in general is pretty dull and Everton are as uninspiring as they've been in ages.

Last night was a case in point, awful, awful game in awful, awful conditions...Everton just look so listless and disparate. They depserately need someone to provide that spark of inspiration. It was nice to see Tim Howard score only the 4th premier league goal by a goalkeeper...adding that to Scheichals for Villa at Goodison a while back than it means I've seen 50% of them.

Walking back enphasised how awful the conditions were, we could barely walk and then the trains were all over the place due to fallen trees etc so by the time we got in it was well past midnight.

I could ramble and rant about the problems in the Everton side but ultimately it's just too depressing at the moment.

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