Monday, June 27, 2011

Zane Lowe, Laruen Laverne & Beyonce at Glastonbury

Wow, amazing what Twitter will get itself worked up about. Seems as though Zane Lowe was honest about his opinions about an act on the BBC's Glastonbury coverage, in this case Beyonce. He said he didn't see her set so didn't comment. What's wrong with that?

Throughout the coverage I was wondering just what you'd have to do to get anything other than the gushing, sycophantic stream of hyperbole ("Just...Amazing") that follows every act.

In this case I thought Lauren Laverne saying how Beyonce's set encompassed punk & rock was clearly ridiculous. She glammed it up and the starry eyed girls in front lapped it up but it wasn't punk.

This blog post goes into more detail as does this but I'm with Zane Lowe on this one.

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